Welcome to the official Dare to Bare Wax Den page. My name is Desiree Catanach and I am the owner of this special waxing salon in Santa Fe NM. My grand opening took place in April of 2014 and I have been displaying the true definition of smoothness. 


At Dare to Bare Wax Den, I offer full body waxing, and specialize in the very popular 'Brazilian wax'. 

I became a licensed esthetician in 2012 and ventured locally to offer my services to the world. My career began at a local hair removal business but I soon progressed to my ultimate passion of owning my own waxing salon.

I am fortunate to re-unite with my previous clients and always look forward to meeting new people everyday. I have a personal guarantee that my Brazilian wax services will have you in and out of my waxing salon in 15 min or less. I always invite you to hang around and browse my selection of personal care products I offer.

I appreciate the trust that has been put into Dare to Bare Wax Den in delivering the most comfortable, as pain free wax services available and, as always, you will find that you are in good hands.

-Desiree Catanach